switch to zinc nickel surface



Today, we are proud to inform you that we successfully completed the announced conversion to the zinc nickel surface.

From now on, you will receive the products of our hydraulic catalogue with the high-quality zinc nickel surface. Currently, there are only two exceptions - that will, however, affect only very few of you:


1. The DKOGE series, for which we are currently developing a solution

2. angled and rarely used hose connectors, available in zinc nickel within about 6 weeks.


Thus, the next step in the continuous enhancement of our quality has been done. Salt spray fog testing of a recognized testing laboratory certify the endurance of our parts without white and red rust of 744 hours. Please contact us if you are interested in the results of this test.


Naturally, your customers will also appreciate this improvement! The zinc nickel surface, in connection with the usual good price-performance ratio of the first class Spradow quality, will provide you and your partners with a significant competitive advantage.


As always, our team will be glad to assist you further and happily remains at your disposal.

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