Spradow - Tradition and Innovation

Our roots can be traced back to the early 20th century.

It all started 1913 with the founding of "Armaturenfabrik und Metallgießerei Hermann Wittler" in Bielefeld, Germany. At that time the company was engaged in heating and control technology.

In 1966 the family Wittler founded a subsidiary in a city district called Spradow (near to Bielefeld) named "Apparatebau Spradow GmbH & Co. KG". The mechanical engineering company for customized machines manufactured mainly for the machining industry.

Our todays core business - the production of high quality measuring systems for hydraulic and pneumatic systems - was started in the early 80s.

1995 we moved to our new production site in Schloß Holte-Stukenbrock, approx. 20 km south of Bielefeld.

The positive company developement was leading to the founding of today´s company, the "Spradow GmbH & Co. KG" by the current shareholding managing director Mr. Jörg Kraemer, who worked for the company since 1994.

We started the business year 2010 by welcoming Jan Ströher as our additional shareholding managing director and are continuing our good development.

Learning from the past to shape the future - that is the unique SPRADOW-philosophy. Zero error production and highly satisfied customers are our objectives. The very motivated and well trained staff working in a work friendly environment of a family business is a key factor to reach these set objectives.

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  • 14.12.18
    donation to a social institution.


  • 10.12.18
    New Product
    adjustable pressure gauge fitting.


  • 12.12.17
    donation to a social institution.


  • 31.08.16
    Product improvement

    new production for DN4.


  • 11.11.15
    Labeling of products
    Spradow infoletter 2015